Here are some of the testimonials translated in English. For a more complete list of testimonials in Italian click here.


«All management teams should attend these seminars ... an extraordinary journey on a challenging evolutionary path» 

Silvia Sacchi, Senior Director, Quintiles Italia Spa

«I left home for these seminars a bit skeptical, it turned out to be one the most challenging and exciting trip I've ever embarked on ... every milestones helped me strenghten my motivations for all the dreams I had faintheartedly given up.»

Daniela Abbiento


«I learned how my emotional dependencies have been sabotaging my life by inducing me to behave in contrast to my goals, desires and aspirations, and that is paramount to master them in order to live out the life of my dreams.»

Laura Alessandrini


«It was the first seminar ever of which I remember clearly all details even weeks later ... an exciting and unusual approach that enabled meto look deeply inside my self with many benefits. I also enjoyed a lot the scientific approach used to explain a lot of otherwise evasive and ambiguous issues.»

Gabriele Pezzoli